why us?

My family are the most important aspect of my life and this is how we treat our clients. We have you at the forefront of our minds and want to help you achieve your end goal, quite simply we will treat you like family.

Having one point of contact means there is total transparency and no miscommunication throughout the process, making it more efficient and faster for all parties and most importantly, making it less stressful to you.

In this current day and age, every person has demanding schedules, both at work and personally. So to help with this, we operate an ‘if we are free, we will answer’ policy – contact us anytime, any day and if we are free, we will answer.

At no charge to our clients, we will arrange for FREE professional images to be taken, a floorplan and a bespoke video tour to be created. First impressions count and we do not waste ours when we have a chance to market your property; first rate presentation is essential. 

With so many platforms of marketing available, you  truly need to have a clear plan when launching your home in order to achieve your best desired outcome. This includes ensuring it is seen by as many people as possible, but more importantly, the right people.

When speaking about property or showing property all parties need to feel relaxed and comfortable, not as though they’re on parade. It is proven that suits make people feel more on edge, therefore our aim is to create an atmosphere where all parties feel at ease in each other’s company. So suits are saved for weddings in our office.