#6. we dress differently

What image springs to mind when you imagine an estate agent? I am willing to bet you thought of someone in a suit. Am I right?

Well here at Arthur Grace Residential, we believe that suits look incongruous in today’s dress-down society, and feel out of place when building relationships with clients who invariably arrive at our appointments dressed in more casual attire.

To really get to know our clients on an individual basis, we like to break down formal barriers which can traditionally exist within the property agency industry. One key way we do this is by dressing to put all parties at ease – that means no ties, no waistcoats and no suits. We save those for weddings!

When speaking about property or showing property, all parties need to feel relaxed within an atmosphere which feels open and comfortable, not stuffy or pompous. I have worked as a property agent for many years and worn many suits myself during that time, but since establishing Arthur Grace Residential and ditching suits, I have certainly noticed that clients feel far more comfortable about speaking openly to us. Remember, our other key value at Arthur Grace is that we will treat you as family; wearing a suit would simply not fit in with our family philosophy!

So whilst we promise not to arrive at appointments in Bermuda shorts and flip flops, we also promise to never arrive in “traditional” estate agent attire. That’s just not our vibe.

Do you feel more comfortable doing business with a more casually dressed agent? Or are you a stickler for suits?

To find out more about what makes us tick, take a look at our About Us page .

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